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Planning a destination wedding?

You’ll want to be sure to capture the fun in photos!

We offer destination wedding photography at affordable rates so that you have great photos of all your adventures.

One of the best things about destination weddings is that the celebration is spread over several days. We’d love to chronicle your celebration from the tarmac to the dance floor, and everything in between.

Our custom-planned destination photography packages include all the essential wedding shots, plus, awesome extras such as:

 ~ Departure shots, airport toasts, and all the excitement of pre-wedding boarding.

~ Arrival in your wedding paradise, and greetings for family and friends.

~ Pre/Post Wedding excursions, celebrations, and fun.

~ Scenic pictures, sure to capture the natural beauty of the environment you’ve chosen for your special day.

~ On-location candid shots of the wedding party and guests, to catch the vibe of your celebration and commemorate what’s uniquely yours about your wedding festivities.

The best part?

For roughly the same cost as our standard photography services, you’ll get tons of extra photo coverage from a professional you can trust!

Destination wedding photography packages are custom-priced upon request.

Tannia and Paul Blog 21

     Places I love:

          St. John



          Dominican Republic

          New York City


          Washington State

          Yosemite National Park


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Places I want to visit:






New Orleans    

Key West    

Lake Como    

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